At St John Bosco College Engadine, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mrs Jenny Fowler
Assistant Principal Mr Peter Halpin
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Moira Loader
Pastoral Care Coordinator Mrs Simone Babic
Learning & Curriculum Coordinator (Years 7 – 9) Ms Diana Buic
Learning & Curriculum Coordinator (Years 10 – 12)  Mrs Belinda Westwood
Leader of Learning & Teaching Mrs Rhonda Thompson
Administration & ICT Coordinator Mr Kevin Kennedy
Business Manager Mr Kevin Pietersz
Year 7 Mr Anthony Musumeci – Coordinator
& Transition to Secondary School
Year 7 Ms Liana O’Brien – Year Assistant
& MacKillop House Leader
Year 8 Mr Grant Kennedy – Coordinator
Year 8 Mr Phillip Hair – Year Assistant
& Dunlea House Leader
Year 9 Mr Grant Eirth – Coordinator
Year 9 Mr Grant Lesch – Year Assistant
& Chisholm House Leader
Year 10 Mrs Jennifer Abbott – Coordinator
Year 10 Mr Terence McGrath – Year Assistant
& Savio House Leader
Year 11 Mr Ben Tickle – Coordinator
Year 12 Mrs Jackie Devlin – Coordinator
& Careers & Tertiary Guidance
Religious Education Assistant  Mrs Kim Wild
Creative and Performing Arts Ms Nancy Daniele
Human Society and its Environment Mrs Karen Perrett
Human Society and its Environment Assistant Mrs Rowena Devine
English Ms Renee Fengitis
English Assistant Ms Sophie McGing
Mathematics Mrs Renee Laing
Mathematics Assistant Mrs Lauren Wade
PD/Health/PE Mr James O’Shea
Science Mr Ritz Balzarano
Technical and Applied Studies Mr Steven Katalinic
Technical and Applied Studies Assistant Mrs Melinda Wagner
Learning Support Coordinator Ms Jackie Gilroy
VET and Careers Coordinator Mrs Cathy Sullivan & Mrs Joanne Cutcliffe
Sports Coordinator Mr Aaron Poll
Sports Assistants Mr Chedyn Webster & Mrs Rachel Kennedy
Youth Ministry Coordinator Miss Angela Giampietro
Literacy Specialist Mrs Alison Loudon
School Counsellor Miss Amber-Marie Hodder & Mrs Jessica Barton
Teacher-Librarians Mrs Kylie Williamson and Mrs Diedree Steinwall
Newman Facilitator Miss Antonella Lavorato
General Enquiries 02 9548 4000
Principal’s Executive Assistant Mrs Julie Fletcher
College Bursar Mrs Kerrie McCulloch