On Saturday 1 May, students from Years 11 and 12 participated in the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life.

However, due to COVID restrictions placed on the usual Cronulla venue, Bosco held a breakfast and morning gathering at the College so we could still participate and make our difference for an incredibly worthy cause. Meeting at 8am, we began our laps around the College oval to the smell of bacon and egg rolls being cooked on the barbeques and, by the end of our first few laps, breakfast was served!

We continued to walk laps around the oval until 10am, accompanied with music, laughter and the occasional flying soccer ball. Although with restrictions the day was not quite the same, Team Bosco still rose to the challenge and enjoyed what was such a worthwhile experience, raising both money and awareness for the Cancer Council.

In addition to holding the Relay event on Saturday, the Student Leadership Team along with Mrs Babic, sold bacon and egg rolls for breakfast on the following Tuesday morning to continue fundraising for The Cancer Council. We were lucky to raise nearly $300 to further contribute to Bosco’s overall fundraising for Relay for Life.

All together, Bosco has currently raised $19, 006 to this worthy cause and for the second year in a row is the highest fundraising team in the Sutherland Shire! This has been made possible through the participation, support and generosity of staff, students and families of the College community that has enabled this goal to be achieved. Although we are yet to reach our goal of $20 000, fundraising is still open and any donations are very appreciated.